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“We have done about 15,000 films together… Helena and I.
Without even saying anything or trying anything, we are almost like trying to outweird each other.

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3 hours ago

Quick question



Why are some people hating on Jund when the matter itself involves me and I’m not even hating on him?

Chill out you silly white knights. It’s all good!

My infinite youth is fueled by the angst of teenage girls. Don’t stop them. I must stay forever young.

1 day ago

My blood, it roars like thunder in this mortal breast,
Purified by battle and the smell of death.
The blood-red scent of slaughter fills my lungs.
And from the dead a new awakening comes.

And from the dead I feel a strength I’ve never known,
A thrill that fills my heart, yet chills me to the bone.
And from the dead, the power of the wolf is torn.
It seems as if from death a whole new world is born.

3 days ago

What I set out to kill found me and, henceforth, blood did flow.
My horse came out from under me, my dogs died in the snow.
But fear was never present, I was calm and unafraid.
The man I was before this fight is ever changed today.

3 days ago

Before today, this bloody field was my own hunting ground.
I stalked my prey, I tracked it down, and moved without a sound.
Then, like a plague, this wolf pack came and tipped the scales of change.
How to strange to be the hunter and then become the game.

3 days ago
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